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Aurora Oval Over the North Pole Aurora Oval Over the South Pole

Power Plot Maps (PMaps) and Solar Wind:

north pole aurorasouth pole aurora Solar Wind Dials

Geomagnetic Conditions (Kp) and Satellite Environment Plots:

plot of Kp Satellite Environment Plot

Kp maps of midnight equatorward boundaries: There are maps for four quadrants of the globe:
+ North America, + Eurasia, + South America and Eastern Pacific, and, + Africa-Indian Ocean-Australasia.

The average equatorward boundary of the midnight aurora is shown for levels of magnetic activity ranging from relatively low, Kp=3, to very high, Kp=9. Clicking on the map at that location will give the approximate magnetic latitude for that location. (Keep in mind that aurora can still be viewed when it is positioned 4-5 degrees in latitude away from the viewer although it will appear about 20 degrees above the horizon.) These maps were created using satellite observations to determine the average equatorward boundary of the aurora as a function of the Kp index (see above). Using those data, the typical maximum extent of the aurora toward the equator for the hours around midnight for four levels of geomagnetic activity is displayed.